Wednesday, December 4, 2013

i chose this painting of Caravaggio because i really like how he did this painting as a peace offering after he had committed murder and he offered his head through a painting.

Edward Hopper Hotel Lobby

This is a painting done by Edward Hopper in 1943.  It is titled Hotel Lobby and is an oil on canvas.  The light of this painting exemplifies the unsettling mood of this painting.  This painting depicts a young woman in the corner reading and minding her own business.  Then there are two older people across from her, maybe a couple.  The couple looks alienated and the man looks ready to leave but the women does not.  What I found interesting is that there is a clerk barely visible watching them.  This painting is held in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

"Girl With A Pearl Earring" Johannes Vermeer

This is a painting by Johannes Vermeer entitled "Girl With A Pearl Earring" which is an oil on canvas completed circa 1665. The painting depicts a portrait of a girl who has a rather confused look on her face as if she has just seen something that has stunned her. As the name of the painting implies, Vermeer uses the pearl earring as the focal point of the painting. I chose this painting because I loved how simple the colors were, the browns and blues give the painting a very relaxed feeling which matches the expression of the girl. I also loved how the background is completely black which helps the audience to focus more on the small details in the painting such as the pearl earring. 

Andy Warhol: Supermarket of Styles

"Supermarket of Style"
Andy Warhol

The artist used an object widely known and added bright colors. Each colors are organized in a manner where each color compliments each other. The colors are bright and appealing to the eye. It makes an object that is so simple turn into art. I also like he incorporated the original Campbell's soup can in the top right region. 

Vase with Red Poppies

I chose the painting Vase with Red Poppies.  It is a still life done by Vincent Van Gogh.  The medium is oil on canvas.  The size is 56 by 46.5 centimeters.   The painting was created in 1886.  I like how vivid the red flower petals are.  They contrast well with the green stems and buds.  The dark background and foreground highlight the flowers and vase.  I also like how the background is painted in a circular motion around the flowers.

The Bar at the Folies Bergere by Manet

The Bar at the Folies Bergere by Manet
This painting is an oil on canvas done in 1881-1882. I really enjoyed this painting because of the amount of detail put into it. My favorite part is how much detail is in the background. I like how the background is the mirror and the man in the background that is talking to the bartender is supposed to be the viewer. I like the use of brushstrokes and the designs put into each aspect of the painting.
Riley, "Current," MoMA, NY

Developed in the 60's. Painting like these used various colors and patterns to create an illusion of movement in the image. I choose this picture because i like how it plays on the senses.