Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chagall, "I and the village"

this picture drawn by Chagall entitled "I and the village" really grasped my attention because of the spectrum of colors this Russian artist incorporated into his work. Additionally, the picture dynamic is truly abstract; this picture looks as if it was pieced together section by section. The images incorporated into the background are perplexing because they are somewhat backwards. Also, it seems as if the female in the uppermost portion of the portrait seems to be standing on top of the houses. Furthermore, when i was looking at this picture I couldn't help but look at in a circular fashion. Overall, the message I received from this picture is that of the "farm life" which is evident by the female milking the cow, it also incorporates elements of religion, shown by the church and the necklace around the "green guys" neck, and finally the perception of day and night is brought about by the circle in the center of the painting.

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