Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"Woman with a Parasol" - Claude Monet

"Woman with a Parasol" is an oil on canvas paining of Monet's wife and son on the top of a hill in the suburbs of Paris, France in the summer of 1885. Monet was an impressionist. Impressionism in painting focused on the colors of objects in varying degrees of sunlight. “En plein aire, or painting outdoors, was a characteristic of Monet’s work, and of the Impressionism movement in art”( The thing I notice most about this painting is the movement it has. The grass is swaying the clouds seem to be blowing with the wind and the woman's dress has body and motion. It is interesting that the faces are blurry. Almost like the things swirling around the people are the most important. I like the yellow spots of paint that look like sun-rays beaming down on the dress and the grass. His wife is at the center of the painting in a wispy beautiful way. 

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