Monday, September 23, 2013

"Basket of Fruit"

This "Basket of Fruit" was a work of art by Michelangelo Caravaggio. Caravaggio painted this in Rome 1596. It is oil on canvas.  The fruit basket has grapes some under ripe, some over ripe and almost brown, apples some greenish some red. One has a distinct brown spot to show its age. The leaves also are browning, shriveling and dropping. Even the wall in the background has cracks and chips. This painting is simply of a basket of fruit but, I like how the artist showed all the imperfections and how at first glance it seems like the fruit is fresh.  Caravaggio was known during his time for differing from other artists in that he brought out the more realistic and ugly side of what he was painting than the other artists did in this era . Even the title of his painting seems matter of fact to me.

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