Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rousseau-The Sleeping Gypsy

"The Sleeping Gypsy" was painted by Henri Rousseau in 1897. It is an oil painting. I think this painting captured my attention because it is so vivid. I love setting and the colors that were used. It is especially interesting, I think, because it tells a story. Some woman (perhaps a gypsy) is laying in the middle of the desert asleep and a lion comes by. But from the picture, it does not look like it is going to eat her. It looks like it just wants to see what she is all about and then it will be on its way. This is just interesting to me because that is not what one would expect such an animal to do. I also like the fact that Rousseau added the mandolin and the jar to the picture to go along with the woman. Those items sort of help the person looking at the painting get to know her. The part I like the best is just the moonlight effect of the entire thing. I think it's really beautiful.

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