Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wheat Field with Cypresses
This is an oil painting done by Van Gogh in 1890. This painting caught my eye because it reminded me of the a scene from the wizard of OZ.  With a closer look of this painting you can see a lot of movement throughout this painting with the different strokes and colors used in all parts of this painting. Van Gogh used a mixture of warm and cool colors in this painting and made a strong line of contrast between them. This painting also looks very textured liked he used alot of paint layered on top of other layers. Their are many irregular shapes used and objects that you would see in nature. I like how this painting is opened to interpret the type of day it could be as well as the background, the clouds in the background and the mountains use the same color scheme so if you don't look close enough you almost miss the mountains drawn in this picture. I also like the vibrate colors used to show the nature in the trees and fields, the colors stand out and make the photo look like it was drawn reflecting a very healthy pasture. I also really liked that he used the same brush stroke throughout the whole painting.

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