Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Church at Auvers by Van Gogh and Office at Night by Hopper

The Church at Auvers By Vincent Van Gogh
This Van Gogh oil on canvas painting was painted and completed in Auvers-sur-oise, Frace, In 1890.The style used in this painting was post- impressionism. I really enjoy the colors and brush strokes in this painting. My favorite part is probably the color of the sky and the way the blue from the sky is incorporated into the church. I also like the complimentary colors of the blue in the sky and the orange on the roof.

Office at Night By Edward Hopper
This oil on canvas painting by Hopper was completed in 1940, it portrays social realism. What i like about this painting is that it is very mysterious. I do not know exactly know what to think is going on. The fun thing about a painting like this is that it can be portrayed in many different ways. In my opinion i feel as if the man could be at work later then usual and his secretary is contemplating to make a move on him because she's had a crush on him.

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